December 20

Allinto welcomes new Operations Manager

Petra Grum has joined Allinto as Operations Manager, with plans to streamline processes and create efficiencies to grow the business.

Petra has over 18 years of business development experience acquired through diverse corporate and not-for-profit roles in both Australia and Slovenia.

She has a passion for working in the disability sector alongside high-performing teams to make a profound impact on people’s lives. She is deeply committed to helping individuals lead better, more independent, and fulfilled lives.

Allinto Chief Executive Officer, Karen Hale-Robertson welcomes Petra to the Allinto team.
“I am delighted to have appointed Petra as Operations Manager to help lead us into the next phase of growth,” said Karen.

“Petra’s wealth of experience will be of great value to our organisation and will not only benefit our team, but also the people we support every day.”

Petra’s focus at Allinto will be to achieve operational excellence, foster stakeholder and staff relationships and make a tangible impact in the community.

“Allinto is really at the start of its journey, so it’s a great time for me to join and be able to focus on ensuring that our processes are solid and sustainable for growth,” said Petra.

“I want to ensure a professional approach for clients, to know that every client receives the same standard of high-quality service. I also want to focus on quick and efficient service, all the way through from the initial enquiry to service delivery.”

In 2016, Petra started working with Hear and Say, and has held numerous roles in the last seven years, including Community Liaison, Customer Experience Operations Manager, and Business Administration Manager.

Petra’s journey so far has been characterised by continuous growth, an unwavering focus on operational excellence, and an insatiable desire to make a positive impact, particularly in the disability sector.

Throughout her wealth of experience, Petra has learnt to adapt to diverse roles, drive innovation, and lead high-performing teams, all of which have been instrumental in achieving outstanding results.

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