Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Supporting NDIS participants with funding for Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to live a full life on your recovery journey.

A recovery plan built around you

Our qualified and experienced psychosocial recovery coaches work to design, plan, implement, and review your recovery plan, based on your needs and NDIS funding. Our team members either have a lived or a learned experience of mental illness and recovery, enabling them to share their perspectives and support you through life's challenges.

Getting to know you icon

Getting to know you

We spend time getting to know you and understanding your needs. We prefer to meet face-to-face to build a positive and trusting relationship.

In-depth knowledge of NDIS support providers

Utilising our disability support expertise, we find service providers who meet your unique needs, as identified in your NDIS plan.

Icon for helping you choose mental health support services

Recommending service providers

We help you get support from mental health services best suited to your needs. Our Recovery Coaches have in-depth knowledge and experience of the mental health sector.

Get more from your NDIS funding package

We help you access the full benefits of your NDIS package by obtaining quotes and coordinating providers to meet your goals.

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Working to reach your goals

We work with you to identify your strengths and help you to reach your goals. We help to coach you with any life-skills required to help you build independence.

We work hard to represent your interests

Our experienced Support Coordinators liaise with government agencies and community groups to look after your interests.

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Empowering you

We believe that recovery is a journey, not a destination. We instill hope that recovery is possible, build your resilience, and empower you to take control of your life.  

Negotiating support service agreements

By negotiating service agreements with providers, we help you access the supports you need, when and where you need them.

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Creating your recovery plan

We work with you to design, plan, and implement your unique recovery plan and we help you to stay on track. We help adapt the plan if your circumstances change.

Help with reviewing your NDIS package

We monitor and review our customers’ NDIS packages, ensuring you receive supports that help your reach your goals.

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How our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches operate

Your recovery journey is unique to you. Below is a simple process demonstrating how our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches work with you to live a full and meaningful.

Getting to know you icon

We meet with you to understand your strengths, needs & goals 

Linking you with mental health services icon

We recommend and link you in with relevant mental health services

collaborating icon

We collaborate with your existing support networks

Understanding the NDIS icon

We help make sense of the NDIS, clarifying any questions you may have

Icon for a recovery plan

We build your plan, and work with you to put the plan into action

What do Psychosocial Recovery Coaches do?

The overall aim of a Recovery Coach is to increase the participant’s independence, social participation and economic participation. They do this by building on the person’s strengths, knowledge, skills, resilience, decision-making skills, and by providing information and advice. They aim to build a trusting, authentic relationship with the person to gain a true shared understanding of a person’s goals and needs. They then formulate a recovery plan, built entirely around the participant’s unique needs. The plan aims to assist the person with day-to-day living, and provide them with better control over their life.

Hear From An Allinto Recovery Coach

I like to meet with clients in their home environment where they feel most comfortable and I really invest in getting to know them. Having a lived experience where two of my children live with mental illness enables me to align myself with my clients, provide a valuable perspective, and helps me to build a good rapport with them. The best part of my job is walking alongside clients to help them achieve their goals.

Nigel Jones, Brisbane

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