November 13

Comprehensive training sets Support Coordinators up for success

Allinto has recently launched a comprehensive new training program for new Support Coordinators, setting them up for success in their jobs.

Courtney, Regional Lead at Allinto, joined the team last year as a Support Coordinator, and quickly realised that new recruits needed more training to help them achieve success.

“I think to best support our clients, we need to be on our A game. This starts with training new staff to help them feel supported and well-informed,” Courtney said.

The program includes 54 modules to be completed within the first three months of a new starter joining the team.

Nichole is a Support Coordinator who recently excelled while completing the training program, and enjoyed collaborating with the other new recruits.

“It was great to complete the training alongside other new recruits who joined at the same time as me which enabled me to build a rapport with the training team,” said Nichole. “I felt well-supported as there was always someone to ask if I needed help with something.”

To develop the training program, Courtney gathered feedback from other team members by asking: ‘what do you wish you’d known when you first started?’

The program includes training on the ‘basics’ but goes into more depth and Courtney is pleased to report that even experienced Support Coordinators joining the team are learning new things.

“People often don’t realise how much of a big job it is as a Support Coordinator. By having a structured training program, we are seeing more new starters feel supported and deliver excellent results for our clients,” said Courtney.

The program sets people up for success by delaying allocating a case load of clients until week three, enabling new starters to get up-to-speed well before they work with clients.

It also includes a ‘buddy’ system, whereby an experienced team member arranges structured buddy sessions with the new starter.

New starters report directly to the trainer for the first three months, ensuring consistency in what they are learning and ongoing support.

And the results? Staff members are supported and equipped to provide quality support coordination services to people within the first month of commencing in the role.

Allinto offers fantastic career pathways in disability and mental health. Interested in joining an experienced and supportive team? Take a look at our current vacancies or get in touch today to express your interest.


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