April 10

Simplifying the complex to change people’s lives

There is so much Nick Ivanovic loves about his work as a Support Coordinator with Allinto.

He loves that no two days are the same, the variety of people he meets, simplifying complex plans and guiding people through the system.

But most of all Nick loves seeing people achieve their goals and be happy.

‘Seeing people achieve their dreams and giving reassurance to families is what I love about this job,’ Nick said.

‘There are a lot of people out there who need help and I think I am in a good position to help them.’

Nick joined the Allinto team more than 18 months ago after four years in aged care.

‘What I love about working in disability support and mental health is that you help people to do more and get more out of life,’ Nick said.

‘I like seeing people’s lives turned around, whether they get into a place they want to live, they get a job, they start doing more for themselves, they start walking better—actually seeing the NDIS work and making a massive change to people’s lives—that’s what I like seeing.’

Nick borrows a phrase from a colleague to best describe his work as a support coordinator.

‘A support coordinator is like an architect of your supports. We work alongside you to build NDIS supports to build a better quality of life,’ he said.

The most important question Nick asks his clients: “What do you want out of this?”.

‘NDIS plans are these big complex things, and people and families need someone to guide them,’ he said. ‘It can be quite a headache to navigate the NDIS so support coordinators are here to guide them to use the plan the best way they can to get what they want out of the plan.’

One of Nick’s most rewarding experiences has been helping a young client achieve her dream of moving out of home.

‘The family had a lot of trouble navigating the NDIS and they were fearful that if they couldn’t care for their daughter anymore, she would need to move into an aged care home in her 30s – that would not be a good match,’ Nick said.

‘We found her a supported independent living home, a new supported workplace closer to her new home, she’s been on a supported holiday and now has the support of an occupational therapist to gain new skills.

‘The family could not be happier to see how much their daughter has grown in just a year.’

Allinto services are designed to help people navigate the NDIS and access the support they need. Interested in a rewarding career? Join our Nick and our large team of individuals working in NDIS Support Coordinator jobs today.


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