February 26

Volunteering reignites Dianne’s spark

Dianne’s passion for teaching has returned thanks to Allinto’s expertise and coordination with the youth justice system.

For the past few months, Dianne has tutored Patrick, a disadvantaged young man, to improve his maths and English skills.

Not only has this resulted in Patrick graduating from high school, Dianne has found a new lease of life.

“I feel like my spark is back and I’m now more motivated,” said Dianne.

Dianne worked as a Teacher Aid for 27 years before being diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis – a rare condition of the central nervous system which left her paralysed below the waist, deaf, and unable to continue working.

Dianne’s life was instantly turned upside down and being new to the NDIS, the Allinto team was instrumental in helping Dianne navigate the system.

While still adjusting to her new life, Dianne was quick to identify that one of her goals was to use her teaching background to help children learn.

The Allinto team worked collaboratively with contacts in the youth justice system to set Dianne up for weekly tutoring sessions with Patrick, who was struggling at school.

The team chose a suitable location, ensured both parties had their Support Workers on shift, and re-applied for Dianne’s Blue Card to work with children.

Dianne prepared lesson plans based on Patrick’s interests and used special equipment to sound out words to assist her communication.

Kaz Din, Foundations Care Specialist Support Manager, who supports Patrick, said that he was a changed man and was now more prepared for the challenges of adulthood.

“As well as writing improvements, we’ve seen a change in Patrick’s attitude and behaviours. He does the homework Di sets him without anyone prompting him, and he spends the whole week looking forward to his sessions with Di.”

Dianne was the first person on Patrick’s graduation ceremony list, crediting his success to her tutoring support.

Allinto’s Regional Lead, Virginia Bell observed Dianne’s renewed commitment to attending the gym and her boxing classes since she started tutoring.

“This is the happiest and most motivated I have seen her in my two and half years of working alongside her,” Virginia said.

“A lot of coordination was involved with the support networks of both Patrick and Dianne to make the tutoring happen.

“We are thrilled with the outcome.”

This story doesn’t end here, Dianne plans to continue tutoring.

“I’m looking forward to expanding my tutoring program to support other disadvantaged young people,” Dianne said.

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